Fire on board

Posted: November 27, 2014 by saraherhodes in 1914

This morning at 5 0’clock we heaved our anchor and sailed out.  The barren rocks of Aden showing up black against the skyline – the rugged tips just tipped with gold by the rising sun.  The rest of the fleet came up in the night and are now off for Port Said.

We have been taking stores from a large refrigerator room, and putting it in a smaller one.  We were handling pieces of beef as large as a piano, and carcases of sheep as big as myself.  They are all frozen stiff with ice, and snow all over them.  When handling turnips, if we dropped one it would bounce on the deck with a wooden sound.

We have a fire on board now.  One of our coal bunkers is burning.  It is not generally known, but all the hoses are being used down below, the decks were not swabbed this morning.


Travelling from Aden to Port Said is done via the Suez Canal.

Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19141127


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