Posted: November 20, 2014 by saraherhodes in 1914

Our Port Cylinder has gone wrong, and we have had to pull out of the line for repairs, the whole fleet had passed us before it was right again.  We soon regained our position though, when we set off at full speed (about fourteen knots).

My arm is just about well, a little swollen and sore when I get a knock on it.  I have been very lucky with it.  I generally go to bed from 6.30 to 9 o’clock.  9 is very late.  I picture you all at home as I am lying in my hammock.  I know just about what each one of you are doing.  If I were to go to bed at home as early as this you would all be sending for Dr. Brummitt.

At present I am writing this while I am sitting on a big boom about 10 ft. above deck.  I can just see the sun rising with the other boats showing up against the sky-line.

I will tell you a bit more about the Cingalese divers.  They are not big men, rather small and fairly thin, their skin is a brown colour, but the bottoms of  their feet and the palms of their hands are quite white.  I believe they polish them with a certain sort of brick. They spend hours a day cleaning up.  As they dive you can see their feet shining up through the water.  They squat on their canoe and wave their arms for money, jabbering all the time, it is alright that you hear most of all, they fire “alright” in rapid time at you in various cadences.


Current location (approx):

ColoniesMap1914 19141119


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