Impressions of Cingalese

Posted: November 17, 2014 by saraherhodes in 1914

I did some washing yesterday afternoon, washed my kahki shirt and trowsers, the water was like mud when I had finished.  The “Karoo” passed this morning, she was just going out of the harbor.  I didn’t get a view of Edison Corry, he would have seen something of the town being right inside; we were about a mile and a half out.

A couple of canoes came out and the natives were diving for money.  They won’t dive for pennies, can’t see them.  Their canoes are only three logs lashed together and trimmed up a little.  The water washes over them just about all the time.  For paddles they use a piece of flat wood about five feet long and slightly curved like a boomerang.

Some of the Cingalese have short straight hair, and others short curly hair, and others again have very long curly hair, the fore-part is generally cut short. They are very cute in the water, diving time after without a spell, they catch the money almost as soon as it touches the water.

These dusky coons sang a couple of songs, or chants, keeping time with their hands and arms.  My word I wish you people were here with me, you would just love seeing the strange sights.

We are out of sight of land now, heaved anchor at about 11-45, and are bound for Aden.



Cingalese are Sri Lankan natives

Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19141117


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