bugle calls

Posted: November 9, 2014 by saraherhodes in 1914

Early this morning a wireless was received “Hostile boat in dangerous distance – no lights at all tonight”.  At once our escort on the left went off to investigate.  Then S.O.S. signals came from Cocos Island.  Then received the news of the destruction of the “Emden”.  There was great excitement and rejoicing a board.

We had a funny experience yesterday morning, the whole battalion was issued with bad meat for breakfast.  After breakfast we had a mock funeral.  There was the Parson reading the service, then a fellow playing the dead march on a tin whistle, next a hearse, two dishes of meat tied to a string were pulled along the deck followed by a crowd of mourners.  Everyone was bare-headed – the doctor came to inspect the meat and had to follow it round the deck among the mourners.

The temperature is very steamy, the troops are allowed to sleep on the deck now.

We have our hospital full of patients, one man had his crisis in pneumonia last night, don’t know how he got it.  The night before he was not expected to see the morning. Measles are having a bad run.

Every bugle call has its words – they help you to remember what the calls are.
“Come to the cook house door boys”
“The orderly sergeant is wanted now’
“Come and do a picquet boys, come and do a guard, You will think it easy boys, but you’ll find it hard”.
“The officers all get pudding and pie, while other poor beggars get skilly”.



Current location:

ColoniesMap1914 19141109

HMAT Ascanius would have been close to the Cocos Islands, escorted by HMAS Sydney. HMAS Sydney destroyed SMS Emden:




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