At sea

Posted: November 4, 2014 by saraherhodes in 1914

I did my washing this morning, I can’t say that I enjoyed the job.  Saw some flying fish today, they were very pretty, they skim along top of the water like swallows, when their wings become dry they drop back in the water.

This is written under untold difficulties, standing, lying and sitting on decks or bulwarks, and at present I am sitting on a sloping roof of one of the hatchways writing on my knees.

Crowie went to sleep just now, and slid clean off, he woke up rather annoyed.

It is very interesting to watch the sea, it is always a mystery to me.  Its magnitude and strength – the way it tosses these big boats about is marvellous.

We had the best life belt drill last night that we have had to date.  At 7.30p.m. it was pitch dark, no light allowed.  We had to fall in and put on our life belts, and keep strict silence, sitting in our messes.  We had to wait here until the bugle sounded the advance, and then march up two deep on to the deck.  An officer kept guard at the stairs with a revolver to see that there was no rushing.  All this was done in darkness that could be felt.

We were tripping over cables, and stubbing our toes on bolts, and running into all sorts of things.  We had to line up on the deck three deep, keeping strict silence, until we received the order to get into the boats.  While we were waiting there a company below were singing the “Soldier’s Farewell”, and other appropriate songs.

It gave it quite an air of realism.


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