Posted: October 24, 2014 by saraherhodes in 1914

Land was sighted early this morning, and after I had had my morning hosing I got the glasses to bear on it. The coast is hilly, something like our hills, and there was a peak like Mount Lofty. The “Medic” is cutting in between the shore and ourselves. She is bound for Albany.

The “Ceramic” passed us yesterday; she is a lovely boat and the biggest south of the line. A boat on the horizon causes great excitement.

When the edict went forth that every man was to have his hair close clipped, some tried to evade having it done, and some amusing scenes were witnessed. You would see a fugitive rushing from one side of the boat to the other, with a stream of yelling heathens at his heels – he is caught, thrown on the deck and the clippers run through his hair and his head resembles a field through which a reaper has passed. He has to seek the barber to complete the job.

I went through the engine room and was surprised to find it quite cool, owing to the splendid system of ventilation.

Yesterday we had fire drill. The alarm bell rang and we had to all fall in at our messes and keep strict silence while the crew practiced.



At this location:

Heading toward Western Australia

Picture of the “Medic”:

HMAT Medic departing port

Picture of the “Ceramic”:

Loading troops, SS Ceramic


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